Targeting the right audience

Targeting the Right Audience for Your Land

In the realm of real estate, auctions stand out as a dynamic avenue for selling properties, offering both sellers and buyers unique opportunities. When it comes to selling land at auction, understanding your audience is paramount. Identifying potential buyers who are genuinely interested and capable of making a purchase can significantly impact the success of your auction. In this blog post, we’ll delve into effective strategies for targeting the right audience for your land.


Know Your Property Inside Out

Before diving into audience targeting, it’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of the land you’re selling. What are its unique features and selling points? Is it suitable for residential, commercial, agricultural, or recreational purposes? Understanding these aspects will help you tailor your marketing efforts to attract the most relevant buyers.


Leverage Online Platforms

In today’s digital age, online platforms are indispensable tools for reaching potential buyers. Utilise real estate websites, social media platforms, and online marketplaces to showcase your land and engage with interested parties. Leverage targeted advertising to reach individuals who match your ideal buyer personas. Additionally, consider partnering with reputable auction websites to expand your reach and attract serious bidders.


Tap into Local Networks

While online channels offer broad reach, don’t underestimate the power of local networking. Engage with local real estate agents, developers, investors, and community organisations. Attend networking events, join industry associations, and participate in local forums to build relationships and spread the word about your land. Local connections can often lead to valuable referrals and attract buyers who have a genuine interest in the area.


Highlight Potential Use Cases

When marketing your land, emphasise its potential use cases to attract buyers with specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s for residential development, agriculture, recreational activities, or commercial ventures, showcasing the versatility of your land can pique the interest of diverse buyer audiences. Provide detailed information about land features, access, and development opportunities to help buyers envision the possibilities.


Offer Financing Options

To widen the pool of potential buyers, consider offering flexible financing options. Some buyers may be interested in purchasing land but lack the necessary capital upfront. By providing financing solutions such as seller financing or partnerships with lending institutions, you can make the purchasing process more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.


Provide Comprehensive Information

Transparency is key to building trust and attracting serious buyers. Provide comprehensive information about the land, including boundary lines, survey reports, soil quality, environmental assessments, and any legal considerations. Clear, accurate, and detailed information instils confidence in buyers and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes down the line.


Engage in Targeted Outreach

In addition to passive marketing efforts, engage in proactive outreach to individuals and organisations likely to be interested in your land. This could involve reaching out to developers, agricultural businesses, recreational clubs, conservation groups, or other relevant parties. Tailor your outreach messages to highlight how your land aligns with their needs and objectives.


Successfully selling land at auction hinges on your ability to target the right audience effectively. By understanding your property, defining your ideal buyer persona, leveraging online and local networks, highlighting potential use cases, offering financing options, providing comprehensive information, and engaging in targeted outreach, you can attract genuine buyers who are eager to acquire your land. With strategic marketing and a clear understanding of your audience, you can maximise the value of your land and achieve a successful auction outcome.

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Bidding registration deposit

The bidding registration deposit is required in order to be approved for bidding. The amount is £2,400 per lot and is deducted from your deposit upon exchange, if you are the highest bidder. If you are not the highest bidder, the bidding registration deposit is refunded to you, in full.

Bidding online

Once you’ve been approved to bid, our registrations team will send your login details. On the day of the auction, click the ‘Live Auction’ button displayed on our homepage, login and start bidding. There will be a live video feed of our auctioneer and presenter, who’ll be talking through the lots, providing insightful tips and information.

Bidding by telephone

A Connect UK Auctions representative will call you prior and during the auction and place bids on your instruction. You will also be able to watch the live auction on our website via Connect Realtime®

Bidding by proxy

Here you will advise us of your maximum bid amount, and we’ll bid on your behalf up to this figure. We will always endeavour to secure the property for you, either at, or below your maximum bid amount, if possible. If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid amount, your proxy bid would end.