Embrace Opportunity Rural Land Investing

Embracing Opportunity: Investing in Rural & Suburban Land

In recent years, a notable shift in real estate trends has seen an increasing number of investors turning their attention towards rural and suburban land for development purposes. The appeal lies in the vast potential these areas offer, providing a refreshing alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban living. In this blog post, we’ll explore the rise of this trend and delve into the numerous benefits it brings. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the advantages of acquiring such land through auctions.


The Rise of Rural and Suburban Development

Escape to Serenity:

Urban living, with its congestion and noise, has prompted many to seek solace in more peaceful environments. Rural and suburban areas offer a tranquil escape, surrounded by nature and offering a slower pace of life.

Cost-Effective Opportunities:

Land prices in rural and suburban areas are often more affordable than their urban counterparts. This presents a cost-effective opportunity for investors looking to develop properties with a potentially higher return on investment.

Expanding Infrastructure:

Improved infrastructure in rural and suburban areas, including better roads, utilities, and public services, has made these regions more accessible and attractive for development.

Changing Work Dynamics:

The rise of remote work has reduced the necessity for living in close proximity to city centres. This shift in work dynamics has opened up new possibilities for rural and suburban living.


Benefits of Investing in Rural and Suburban Land

Diverse Development Opportunities:

Rural and suburban areas offer diverse development possibilities, from residential communities and vacation homes to agricultural projects and eco-friendly initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability:

The abundance of open space allows for environmentally conscious designs, incorporating green spaces and sustainable practices into developments.

Community Engagement:

Smaller communities foster a sense of belonging and tighter social connections. Investors can actively engage with the local community, creating a positive impact and building long-lasting relationships.

Potential for Appreciation:

While urban properties may face market saturation, rural and suburban land often has untapped potential. Strategic development can lead to substantial appreciation over time.


The Benefits of Auctions in Land Acquisition

Transparent Pricing:

Auctions provide a transparent platform for determining the market value of a property. Bidders actively participate, contributing to a fair and competitive pricing structure.

Efficiency in Transactions:

Auctions streamline the buying process, setting a specific date and time for the sale. This efficiency benefits both buyers and sellers, reducing the time and resources required for traditional negotiations.

Diverse Range of Properties:

Auctions showcase a variety of properties, allowing investors to explore different options in one place. This diversity can lead to discovering hidden gems that might not be readily available through other means.

Opportunity for Bargains:

While competitive bidding can drive prices up, auctions also present opportunities for buyers to secure properties at potentially lower prices than their market value.


Investing in rural and suburban land for development purposes is a trend that continues to gain momentum. The combination of affordability, diverse opportunities, and the chance to escape urban chaos makes these areas attractive to investors. With auctions providing a transparent and efficient platform for land acquisition, the benefits become even more pronounced. As the real estate landscape evolves, embracing the potential of rural and suburban development could be the key to unlocking lucrative opportunities in the years to come.

Bidding registration deposit

The bidding registration deposit is required in order to be approved for bidding. The amount is £2,400 per lot and is deducted from your deposit upon exchange, if you are the highest bidder. If you are not the highest bidder, the bidding registration deposit is refunded to you, in full.

Bidding online

Once you’ve been approved to bid, our registrations team will send your login details. On the day of the auction, click the ‘Live Auction’ button displayed on our homepage, login and start bidding. There will be a live video feed of our auctioneer and presenter, who’ll be talking through the lots, providing insightful tips and information.

Bidding by telephone

A Connect UK Auctions representative will call you prior and during the auction and place bids on your instruction. You will also be able to watch the live auction on our website via Connect Realtime®

Bidding by proxy

Here you will advise us of your maximum bid amount, and we’ll bid on your behalf up to this figure. We will always endeavour to secure the property for you, either at, or below your maximum bid amount, if possible. If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid amount, your proxy bid would end.