Buying To Build

Buying to Build: A Growing Trend

In the realm of real estate, there’s a rising trend that’s catching the attention of savvy homebuilders and investors alike: purchasing land at auctions for the purpose of building one’s dream home. This unconventional approach to homeownership is gaining momentum for several compelling reasons, offering a unique set of benefits that traditional real estate transactions often can’t match.


The Allure of Buying Land at Auction

Auctions have long been associated with excitement and opportunity. When it comes to land auctions, the appeal is twofold. Firstly, there’s the potential for acquiring property at a price lower than market value. Auctions create a competitive environment where motivated buyers have the chance to secure desirable parcels of land without the prolonged negotiations typical of conventional sales.

Secondly, auctioned land often presents a diverse range of options. From sprawling rural acreage to prime urban lots, auctions offer a variety of properties that cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you envision a secluded countryside retreat or a bustling city-centre residence, there’s bound to be a piece of land that aligns with your vision.


Benefits of Building on Auctioned Land


One of the most significant advantages of buying land at auction is the potential for cost savings. Auctions can result in below-market prices, allowing homebuilders to acquire land for a fraction of its appraised value. This financial advantage frees up resources that can be allocated towards construction, upgrades, or other aspects of the homebuilding process, ultimately maximising the value of your investment.

Flexibility and Customisation:

Building on auctioned land empowers homeowners with unparalleled flexibility and customisation options. Unlike purchasing an existing property, where you’re often constrained by the layout and design of the house, buying land provides a blank canvas for realising your architectural vision. From the layout and size of the rooms to the materials and finishes used, every aspect of your dream home can be tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

Investment Potential:

Auctioned land has the potential to be a lucrative investment opportunity. As urban areas expand and populations grow, well-located parcels of land are increasingly sought after. By securing land in an up-and-coming neighbourhood or desirable location, you not only fulfil your immediate housing needs but also position yourself to benefit from future appreciation in property values.

Avoiding Competition and Bidding Wars:

In the conventional real estate market, competitive bidding wars are commonplace, driving up prices and often leading to disappointment for prospective buyers. Land auctions, on the other hand, offer a level playing field where all participants have an equal opportunity to acquire the property. This transparency and simplicity of the auction process can be particularly appealing for those seeking a stress-free and efficient way to purchase land.


The rise of building homes on auctioned land represents a paradigm shift in the realm of real estate. With its potential for cost-efficiency, flexibility, investment returns, and avoidance of bidding wars, this approach offers a compelling alternative to traditional property acquisition methods.

However, it’s essential to approach purchasing land at auction with careful consideration and due diligence. Conduct thorough research, inspect the property, and familiarise yourself with the auction process to ensure a successful outcome. By embracing the opportunities presented by auctioned land, you can embark on a journey to create a home that not only reflects your unique style and preferences but also serves as a wise investment for the future.

Bidding registration deposit

The bidding registration deposit is required in order to be approved for bidding. The amount is £2,400 per lot and is deducted from your deposit upon exchange, if you are the highest bidder. If you are not the highest bidder, the bidding registration deposit is refunded to you, in full.

Bidding online

Once you’ve been approved to bid, our registrations team will send your login details. On the day of the auction, click the ‘Live Auction’ button displayed on our homepage, login and start bidding. There will be a live video feed of our auctioneer and presenter, who’ll be talking through the lots, providing insightful tips and information.

Bidding by telephone

A Connect UK Auctions representative will call you prior and during the auction and place bids on your instruction. You will also be able to watch the live auction on our website via Connect Realtime®

Bidding by proxy

Here you will advise us of your maximum bid amount, and we’ll bid on your behalf up to this figure. We will always endeavour to secure the property for you, either at, or below your maximum bid amount, if possible. If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid amount, your proxy bid would end.